Hello!  Welcome to the wonderful world of CulinaryCasa by Eve (CulinaryCasa).  CulinaryCasa was founded in 2013. As a student at the University of Missouri St. Louis, Eve had the opportunity to partake in a college mission trip to New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA) less than one year after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.
Eve helped her fellow Campus Crusade for Christ members by serving food to the displaced and homeless community while engaging in fellowship with volunteers from around the country. At the Good News Center Eve observed that the NOLA locals came from all walks of life.  From the businessman and the laborer to the non English speakers, there was no distinction between race, class or status as to who was in need.  The commonality between everyone was that they needed to survive, they needed a hot meal and a friendly face.  The basics of humanity.
Amidst the broken trees, rotting homes still filled with standing water, and death tolls marked across homes there was a light.  This light was the giving spirit of the people who didn’t let the storm break their hope, fray their hospitality, or dim their gratitude.  Those who had nothing still gave with their presence, appreciation, and solidarity.
It is in these sentiments that CulinaryCasa was conceived and aspires to fulfill our mission by “providing quality food and education to the St. Louis community through the love of Culinary Arts.”
We strive to empower each other with the knowledge that no matter your situation or your status in life, YOU have something special to contribute to our world.
**CulinaryCasa does not discriminate based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender, age or ethnicity.**
**While our organization serves all, you will find programs and events specific to those with special needs, at-risk youth, veterans, seniors and low-income families**
**CulinaryCasa is a 501c3 non-profit whose focus is hunger relief, nutrition education, community empowerment, and Culinary/STEM career interests.**
**Documentaries, media material, physical exercise and dietary adjustments may be suggested and/or presented to the general public to receive as awareness or knowledge however CulinaryCasa by Eve is not liable for any personal initiatives taken by the viewer as a result of the gained knowledge.  All personal and physical dietary/exercise changes should be first consulted with and approved by your doctor.**
All donations are tax deductible.  Please click the letters in red for the link to the IRS for proof of Tax-Exempt Status IRS.