About Us

Greetings! CulinaryCasa by Eve, affectionately referred to as “C2” is a 501c3 Non profit organization. Our mission is providing quality food and education to the St. Louis Community through the love of Culinary Arts.
Our primary focuses are hunger relief, nutrition education, and exploring the many aspects of culinary arts. These aspects include careers in nutrition, medicine, dietetics, or other math, science and educational related fields; community sustainability through events and fellowship; and fostering individual creativity with at-risk youth and friends with special needs.
CulinaryCasa was established in 2013. It was inspired by a mission trip Eve took to New Orleans in 2006 for Hurricane Katrina relief. In the aftermath of the storm, this close community became one.  There was no class, no race, and no barriers. The gratefulness of the community to get a hot meal and fellowship together was enough to appease any weariness, if for only a few minutes.  Their broken city was not a catalyst for a broken spirit.
With these sentiments CulinaryCasa hopes to embody and  spread the notion that no matter your circumstances you can always contribute to the greater good of your community. Even if it’s just a smile or a good meal.