If you are displaced, ill, foster, active military family, or elderly we’d like to provide a meal for you up to twice for month for just a $5 donation per request.
We’ve decided to chop the price in half for the month of August. We know you’re busy preparing to get back to school not to mention paying the electricity bill in this heat.  We’re also offering 3 family style meal choices…

#1 Family Style Spaghetti Dinner: bread and salad.

#2 Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo: bread and salad.

#3 Tuna Casserole: bread and green beans.

We deliver to Berkeley 63134, Ferguson 63135, Florissant 63031, 63033, and Hazelwood 63042. Dates: Saturday August 12th and Saturday August 26th. From 9:30am – 11:am.

**You may pay with exact cash in person or with Paypal with the green link below**

 Click on the green link to pay and the pink link below to order 🙂

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Meal Delivery